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Valentine’s Day is Chinese New Year

And since my family is Chinese, we kinda prioritized the celebration of the first day of the Year of The Tiger. Here is my post on it.

In between the panganay and the bunso (so far)

I actually had 3 pregnancies. Read about my SECOND pregnancy — the one which didn’t result in a baby. Part One:  Blighted Ovum Part Two:  Hydatidiform Mole Part Three:  The Aftermath

Out of the hospital

Baby R got admitted because of benign febrile seizures. It turned out that she had roseola infantum. Thank goodness it was a simple problem and not something worse.

Stage Mom

I never thought I’d see the day when I would feel like one.  When I was just prepping for my own wedding, I get surprised when people actually ask friends and relatives if their kids could become child attendants. Now I am a parent, I can totally understand. While I did not really push for […]