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Today is World Malaria Day

While we don’t hear of malaria as much as dengue, it’s another mosquito transmitted disease that may cause death.  This is the tragedy that has befallen Reyster Langit 5 years ago. Learn more about the flying scourge from this article.

A lot of changes coming up

At the end of April and the start of another month, there will be lots of changes that we will be expecting. Of course, the biggest change will be that of the nation.  We will see the changing of the guards soon as we are called upon to choose the person who we think is […]

Swamped but that’s okay

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit swamped.  I do have more work than I ever thought I’d have, and for that I am eternally grateful. I just wish that the quality of work I put in is respectable so that at least I meet the expectations of those who gave me the chance to prove […]

Who I’m not going to vote for

I just got a text message.  It’s after 1am right now, the whole family is sleeping, as I got this text message.  Being a doctor, I’m not in a habit of ignoring text messages because it might just be an emergency that I have to attend to. So I got up to check on my […]

My article on childhood obesity

I’ve always been plagued by people saying that my son is too thin.  I’ve always told them that his weight is a perfect 50th percentile weight for his age — not too fat and not too thin.  But they don’t really believe me.  I guess that’s because people in our culture have always equated cute […]

Another long weekend

April 9 is Araw ng Kagitingan (loosely means “Day of Bravery”, but they usually translate it to “National Heroes Day”) over here in our part of the world.  Since it’s a Friday, it means another long weekend for most Pinoy office employees. Not for me, though.  Since one of my clinics is mall-based, it’s still […]

Holy Week 2010

We’re on the second day of the four no work days.  Technically, hubby has work tomorrow, but we’re declaring a vacation of sorts since we haven’t had one for a long while.  But instead of going out somewhere, we’re determined to just stay home. So far yesterday was NOT really a free day of lounging […]