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Reseach before invest

My husband tells me that their relative (I forgot how they are exactly related) was almost scammed. He was given an offer to invest in gold bullions for a “bargain” price.  He was shown a bullion “sample” and told that they were doing diggings where that came from and there were more of those.  The […]

My satisfying life :)

Your Life is Deeply Satisfying You live a satisfying life even when it’s not easy. You are dedicated to being happy. You make sure to what you’re passionate about. You don’t waste any moments. You surround yourself with people you cherish. There is a lot of love in your life. You are thankful for everything […]

Fortune cat

My son used to be fixated on a “beckoning cat”. You know, the little golden kitty often seen at Asian stores with a paw that seems to be waving? The one with a bell around its neck and holding a gold coin with its other paw? It’s called “Maneki Neko” and is a representation of […]