Happy, but…

Every year, cost of living becomes more and more expensive for us.  That means that we have to earn more and more in order to at least maintain our needs and the (simple) lifestyle that we want.  We’re quite lucky in that we still get financial help from our folks, and we’re still living rent-free.  However, I do wish that we could somehow have our own place soon.  Maybe it is not yet time.

Oh well, sometimes, I do feel that life somehow leads us to where we SHOULD be.  I do not totally believe in fate, being the scientific person that I am, but I do believe in choosing my battles as far as life is concerned.  I don’t force issues if it becomes too difficult.

I’m happy, really.  I’m happy to be working.  I’m happy to be married, I’m happy with my kids.  Sure, life throws curve balls once in a while, but I believe we won’t be given challenges that we are not able to hurdle.


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  1. Roch says:

    That’s the spirit :) Yep yep, we won’t be given challenges or problems we can’t resolve :)

    Aja aja! 😀

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Roch! 😀

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