My brother was in Korea

The conflict between the communist North Korea and the democratic South Korea has been going on since my mother was a little girl.  Until now, there seems to be no resolution to their conflict.

While North Korea remains as closed and as mysterious as ever, South Korea prospered and became a much admired country in terms of their economy.  Now, anything Korean is in vogue here in the Philippines — be telenovelas, cosmetics, food, dresses and so forth.  However, it seems that the storm is just about to break.

My brother went on  a business trip just before the latest North Korea-South Korea conflict occurred.  He was in Incheon when we heard about the incident.  He did give us messages to assure us that he is okay, but until he finally came home, we could not help but worry that he might be affected one way or another by the incident.

He has now returned, just in time for his birthday.  Thank goodness!


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