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Am I good with money?

I’d certainly like to think s0. But I could not resist this quiz — and it kinda reinforces my belief in my money managing skills.

Valentine’s day surprise

I thought Valentine’s Day would be just an ordinary day for us, married with young kids with no one to leave the kids with.  That was ok by me.  After all, we had our priorities. Boy, was I wrong!

Married with kids: musings on Valentine’s day

When I posted this: Secondly, our kids.  We’re now having pleasantly cool weather which I’m enjoying.  But our kids had bouts of viral infections.  My girl even had to be brought to the hospital when she had benign febrile convulsions.  Thank goodness it’s over now but definitely not a good start to the year.  (from […]

Just a little out of sorts lately

January is the month of new beginnings. But in spite of my over-all optimism, I just can’t help feeling a bit jittery. First, finances.  December is really the month of big spending…and limited income.  You see, as self employed private doctors, we only get income when we have patients, and of course, there are less […]