Nursing must haves…and cheaper alternatives (2/10 & 3/10)

This is part 2 of a series.  Click here for part 1.

2.  nursing clothes

It is such a nice. nice time to be a breastfeeding mom as there are so many pretty breastfeeding clothes available nowadays. These clothes not only have hidden access points for your baby to reach your breasts easily, they also flatter your new shape, accentuating your much larger breasts and camouflaging your post pregnancy tummy.

I asked Cher of to modify this top. I got a custom made ankle length gown just right for a wedding.

I used this dress during my daughter's baptism.

But a lot of these new breastfeeding outfits tend to be on the pricey side, so it really is not practical to have too many of them.

You can, choose a design that would look good even after you wean off your baby from your breasts, to get more mileage out of them.

Or you can use any loose top or shirt. I found that if you lift your shirt and put your baby to your breast, it actually doesn’t show your breast, since your baby’s head would cover it anyway. Try it in front of the mirror! :)

If you’re concerned about exposing some part of your tummy or back, you can wear a tube underneath your shirt so you’re still well covered.

Or use a nursing cover or any substitute (see next topic).

The point is, NOT having nice breastfeeding clothes is really not an excuse to not breastfeed. Where there’s a will, there’s always a way. :)

3. nursing cover

I think nursing covers are a great innovation and I’m glad to see many of them. I used one by Bebe Au Lait which I received as a gift. Locally, there are now several options for nursing covers which caters to the Filipino mom’s modesty.

There weren’t many of these when I gave birth to my eldest back in 2005 (or maybe I didn’t know where to look). But now, there are so many! Nursing bibs, bonchos, even hats!

But remember that these nursing covers are actually recent innovations. Anything that will cover breastfeeding be used as a cover. I used to use gauze lampins, receiving blankets, ordinary shawls, jackets…I’ve heard of moms who used their swim cover ups when at the beach or pool, or even a sarong. Use your creativity and whatever you already have in your closet! It may be a challenge keeping the cover up (easier with the new innovative coverups), but that’s part of the fun! :)

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Watch out for part 3 onwards of this series!

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  1. Jenny says:

    you really will be amazed at the variety of breastfeeding products and accessories! but yes, you are right. to breastfeed, you just need a boob and a baby 😉 although if you can afford the accessories, they’re fun and nice to use too!

  2. April Lara says:

    There are many nursing clothes to choose from and those nursing covers look amazing!

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