After 24 years

Next year, our high school batch will be the the Silver Jubilarians of Saint Jude Catholic School.  I can’t believe that it’s been 24 years since I graduated from high school!

To prepare for our grand alumni homecoming, the batch core group organized a party-cum-planning session under the guise of J.O.’s birthday celebration.  It was a hit as 70 batchmates came.  Guess we were all excited about seeing each other after all those years.

What has happened to our former batchmates?  Well, I’d say we’ve gone a long way since we left SJCS.  Aside from the physical changes like the need for reading glasses and the increased girth some of us now have, it’s gratifying to see that many of us have become successes in our own right, whether in our chosen fields and / or in raising kids who we hope would grow up with the same values that we learned, grew up with, and apply in our own lives.

It’s surprising to see that while there are many changes that maturity (!) has brought about, many things still stay the same.  13 years is a huge chunk out of anybody’s life, and the influence of the institution and the “comrades” in those formative years are sure to make a mark somehow.   The beauties and hunks are still as beautiful and handsome as I remembered them.  The leaders still have that commanding presence and the shy ones like me are still quite shy. 😀

I loved the Human Bingo game, as it “forced” me to make an effort to seek out my former classmates and ask about what they are up to now.  So even if I wasn’t able to complete the form, I was able to know my former classmates just a bit better.

I really enjoyed going to this party.  I am confident that next year’s Grand Homecoming would be a success.  Go Invictus 1987!

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