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Attempted swindling?

2 days ago, the receptionist at my clinic received a call from somebody who was looking for me.  When I arrived at the clinic, she informed me about it and told me that the patient (well, at least she assumed that it was a patient) wanted me to call him back.  She also told me […]

Online friendships rock

I discovered the internet in the late 1990’s.  At the beginning, I was rather leary of relationships formed online, because I never believed that you could actually know a person when you can’t even see him or her!  And of course, who hasn’t heard of penpals, phone pals and other “virtual friends” and how some […]

I is for investment

We live in costly times! My son’s tuition fee in preschool is much, much higher than my tuition fee in medical school! We spend 1500 – 2000 pesos per week on gasoline — and we do not travel much, just to and from work and school. Electrical bills have doubled this month. And groceries are […]


So many things to do, so much that I really do not know what to do first. Shall I update my store first?  Or write the articles that are due?  Attend to kids?  Sleep? It’s so funny when I talk about it, but the reality is not as funny.  Sigh.  Maybe I just bit off […]