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Busy happy

Right now, I’m feeling the tightness of my schedule. I’ve put my online store on semi hiatus since I am having a difficult time scheduling a purchase. I haven’t gone to any of the blogger events that I’ve been invited to. A patient texted me to change her follow up schedule and I needed to […]

Birthday coming up!

In a couple of weeks, Ethan turns another year older. I can hardly believe it! My little baby is growing up — fast! When I was asking about what he wanted for his birthday, he replied that he wanted a strawberry cake and strawberry ice cream. Hmmm. These are pretty simple wishes to fulfill. I […]


Right now, I am hanging my head in shame after what happened last Monday. We have a person who felt wronged.  Nothing wrong with trying to get justice for a wrong done to you.  What’s wrong is involving innocent people (the tourists) in such a violent manner.  From hereon, Captain Mendoza will be remembered not […]

Not my day

A sprain and a stalled car.  Those are what happened to me yesterday.  Haaayyyy. I was crossing the street yesterday, when my foot suddenly gave way and turned.  Good thing it was already near the curb.  I guess it was because there’s a depression in the road, but I am not quite sure how it […]


Sometimes it’s so difficult to do the right thing.  Sometimes while doing something which I know is right, I get the feeling that I’m not doing the smart thing and making it easier.  Easier and smarter, but not right.  And in the end, my conscience still will push me into doing what I know is […]