What Keeps Me Busy Lately

Aside from my blogging, I now have a freelance writing job. Allow me to plug 2 of the articles that I’ve done.

The number one ladykiller
The silent thief of sight (part one)

The first article is about Ischemic Heart Disease, while the second one is the first of a series on Glaucoma.  I hope that you will find my articles useful.  Comments are VERY welcome, so that I can improve on my writing.

Also, I have added on more clinic jobs, although my “official” clinic is at Galileo Surgicenter.

Of course, that is still in addition to being a mom of one very active toddler and a fully breastfed eight month old.  (I’m no superwoman — I do have help!  :) )

So far, I’m thankful that opportunities are coming — just need to be mindful of schedules and meeting deadlines.  And prioritizing things, of course!

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