Just the way you are

This is Ethan’s current fave song:

I found that it was his favorite while on the car ride to school. We were already running late as the traffic was horrible. I was not able to think about whether or not to buy gold bullion* as investment because I was worried about him going to school on time.  When I finally pulled into a parking lot near the Kindergarten building, E requested that we go down only after the song, which was currently playing on the radio, stopped.  I had to remind him that he was already late and we can no longer afford to waste any more time.  THIS was the song.  No wonder he was pretty quiet during the drive.

*I chanced upon the US Gold Bureau and was studying their website.  It seemed like it is legit (and easy since it’s all online) so I am seriously considering putting in an investment once I have extra money.  My dad and mom and even my mother-in-law believes more in these precious metals as investments and I could see why.  They are so timeless.

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