Am I good with money?

I’d certainly like to think s0. But I could not resist this quiz — and it kinda reinforces my belief in my money managing skills. :) (more…)

Valentine’s day surprise

I thought Valentine’s Day would be just an ordinary day for us, married with young kids with no one to leave the kids with.  That was ok by me.  After all, we had our priorities.

Boy, was I wrong! (more…)

Married with kids: musings on Valentine’s day

When I posted this:

Secondly, our kids.  We’re now having pleasantly cool weather which I’m enjoying.  But our kids had bouts of viral infections.  My girl even had to be brought to the hospital when she had benign febrile convulsions.  Thank goodness it’s over now but definitely not a good start to the year.  (from this post)

… I had no idea that it’s not over yet.  The end of that particular week, my son had another bout of infection, this time it was acute tonsillopharyngitis.  When he got better, R got fever and colds again.  Her last fever bout occurred yesterday morning, and it’s less than 38 degrees.  Since then, she hasn’t had any fever.  I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it really is the last of it.

That means that Valentine’s day is pretty much not a couple day but a family day again.  Well, we were really not much into celebrating Valentine’s day, what with all the expenses associated with it. We see no reason why we should spend for overpriced flowers, have dinner in crowded restaurants on that particular day.

While romance brought us together, what keeps us together is commitment.  And while it may not be as exciting as the first flutter of romance, it’s immensely more satisfying.

And although romance may not be as obvious as when we first got together, it’s always there. We try to make time for each other, even if it’s just a late night DVD movie session or take out fast food dinner in the car while driving home for work. For while we now have other priorities that, most of the time, takes precedence over romance, a little time reconnecting with just each other helps keeps the romance alive, even if we have to sneak it in once in a while.

Pina Colada

(Rupert Holmes)

I was tired of my lady
We’d been together too long
Like a worn-out recording
Of a favorite song
So while she lay there sleeping
I read the paper in bed
And in the personal columns
There was this letter I read

“If you like Pina Coladas
And getting caught in the rain
If you’re not into yoga
If you have half a brain
If you’d like making love at midnight
In the dunes on the Cape
Then I’m the love that you’ve looked for
Write to me and escape.”

I didn’t think about my lady
I know that sounds kind of mean
But me and my old lady
Have fallen into the same old dull routine
So I wrote to the paper
Took out a personal ad
And though I’m nobody’s poet
I thought it wasn’t half bad

“Yes I like Pina Coladas
And getting caught in the rain
I’m not much into health food
I am into champagne
I’ve got to meet you by tomorrow noon
And cut through all this red-tape
At a bar called O’Malley’s
Where we’ll plan our escape.”

So I waited with high hopes
And she walked in the place
I knew her smile in an instant
I knew the curve of her face
It was my own lovely lady
And she said, “Oh it’s you.”
Then we laughed for a moment
And I said, “I never knew.”

That you like Pina Coladas
Getting caught in the rain
And the feel of the ocean
And the taste of champagne
If you’d like making love at midnight
In the dunes of the Cape
You’re the lady I’ve looked for
Come with me and escape

repeat chorus twice and fade out

Just a little out of sorts lately

January is the month of new beginnings.

But in spite of my over-all optimism, I just can’t help feeling a bit jittery.

First, finances.  December is really the month of big spending…and limited income.  You see, as self employed private doctors, we only get income when we have patients, and of course, there are less patients in December.  And, of course, we want to spend time with family, have Christmas dinners and vacations, which means even less time at clinics = less income.  Add the fact that we are spending a lot for gifts.  I have nothing against gift giving coz this is the chance for us to show people our appreciation.  But gift giving means spending for gifts.  Which combined with the limited income = depletion of the family kitty.  And in January some bills and must pays keep creeping in.  Sigh.  Double sigh.

Secondly, our kids.  We’re now having pleasantly cool weather which I’m enjoying.  But our kids had bouts of viral infections.  My girl even had to be brought to the hospital when she had benign febrile convulsions.  Thank goodness it’s over now but definitely not a good start to the year.

Thirdly, our career.  There are so many changes coming that we really do not know what’s ahead.  There are now more and more HMO patients and some HMOs, instead of increasing the fees that they pay to doctors, are actually decreasing it.  No wonder established doctors shun HMOs.

Fourthly, my/our desire to finally have a place of our own.  I want so much to have my own “kingdom” so to speak.  It’s rather limiting not to be able to make your own decisions regarding your own self and your own family and having things done your own way.  But, it seems that we have to postpone that too.  For now, the best thing for our kids is to stay put, where a loving grandma can and will watch them when we are away, especially when they are sick.  And hired help does not have the same sort of loving care that blood relations do.

Well, January is now over.  Maybe February, with the beginning of the Chinese New Year, will be a better month for us?  I certainly hope so.


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I buy what I need, not what I want

Sometimes I think I’m not really a typical female. That’s because some of the tags that are usually applied to women usually do not apply to me. For example, I am not really very much into shopping. I mean, to a certain extent, I like looking at nice things, but I have no overwhelming need to spend a lot on clothes and accessories. I don’t carry around the latest model of the cellular phone. My laptop is about 4 years old and has undergone repair. I don’t buy gold just for the sake of having a nice accessory, but more because I consider such jewelry as investments that could appreciate as years go by and as something that I could eventually pass on to my children.

I’d like to do what my father did when we were old enough to understand about investing.  He bought us gold coins for our birthdays.  He used to buy from banks in Hong Kong because these are the reputable agencies.  I think they were not available here in the Philippines.  I do not know if there are now banks which have these.  But nowadays, there are more convenient means of making such investments.  I’ve seen sites like the US Gold Bureau which may be found online and could serve practically anyone around the world.

Well, I do need to shop now and then but I think I do it more out of need rather than want.  I just cater to my want when I need it.

Tutoring time!

It’s E’s exam week starting Tuesday, November 30.  He got a reprieve because November 29 is a declared holiday.  My husband and I are expecting having A LOT of difficulty.

It seems to us as if the lessons nowadays in kindergarten are much much more difficult than what we had at that level during our time.  They now have computer class.  They’re also doing addition, which I remember doing at a higher level.  They’re also expected to read more words.  Which is good actually, except that it’s pretty difficult for parents to do the tutoring.  Oh well, I might use that new Knack service my friend recommended to me. She said it helped her kid, and she’s busier than I am.

Hoping that E will just do well.  I’ll be happy if he retains everything that he learns.

My brother was in Korea

The conflict between the communist North Korea and the democratic South Korea has been going on since my mother was a little girl.  Until now, there seems to be no resolution to their conflict.

While North Korea remains as closed and as mysterious as ever, South Korea prospered and became a much admired country in terms of their economy.  Now, anything Korean is in vogue here in the Philippines — be telenovelas, cosmetics, food, dresses and so forth.  However, it seems that the storm is just about to break.

My brother went on  a business trip just before the latest North Korea-South Korea conflict occurred.  He was in Incheon when we heard about the incident.  He did give us messages to assure us that he is okay, but until he finally came home, we could not help but worry that he might be affected one way or another by the incident.

He has now returned, just in time for his birthday.  Thank goodness!

Just the way you are

This is Ethan’s current fave song:

I found that it was his favorite while on the car ride to school. We were already running late as the traffic was horrible. I was not able to think about whether or not to buy gold bullion* as investment because I was worried about him going to school on time.  When I finally pulled into a parking lot near the Kindergarten building, E requested that we go down only after the song, which was currently playing on the radio, stopped.  I had to remind him that he was already late and we can no longer afford to waste any more time.  THIS was the song.  No wonder he was pretty quiet during the drive.

*I chanced upon the US Gold Bureau and was studying their website.  It seemed like it is legit (and easy since it’s all online) so I am seriously considering putting in an investment once I have extra money.  My dad and mom and even my mother-in-law believes more in these precious metals as investments and I could see why.  They are so timeless.

So many things to write about…

…so little time 😀

Here’s what I hope to write about SOON.  Gosh, some posts are really way overdue!

Will I be able to blog about these?  Abangan!